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Ashish / Tue, 30 Apr 2019

10 Secrets to becoming a rockstar freelancer


Freelancing has always been favorite to those who want to break through the mundane

8-5 jobs and want to work on their own flexibility. 

Just attention to a few details, freelancing can prove to be a sustainable and enjoyable

career with the potential to be a mainstream job.

 Dipesh Garg, Founder, and CEO of  Truelancer

Truelancer ( is an Online Platform for Employers to Hire Professionals to get their work done and Freelancers and Professionals can Search Jobs and Earn money by working with real clients across the world.

Based on the recent meetup with the Truelancer team along with fellow freelancers,

Dipesh Garg revealed 10 secrets which can lead you towards a successful freelancing career :

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#1  Define Your Skill & Have a Clear Niche  “zero in” on what you’re truly good at 

#2 Figure Out What Makes You Worth Hiring “Why should the customer hire you?

#3 Treat Yourself and Your Work as a Business the most common mistake that new

freelancers make.

#4 Build your Personal Brand Identify Key Messages that Help you Tell Your Story

#5 Invest in Equipment, Technology and Training
#6 Study the Marketplace Great entrepreneurs don’t just study the competition – they

study the marketplace too.

#7 Be Quality Conscious “Be the project Āreat or small, do it well or not at all.”

#8 Build your email list You can Grow 50% of your sales just from existing customers

#9 Market Yourself on LinkedIn  Doing 15 - 30 comments daily on post’s related to your

the industry can grow your network by 400%

#10 Don’t Sell Yourself Short Look for ways to add more value to the work you do, and

charge a fair price

Bullet List to Success

1. Make Sure You Fully Understand Your Customers’ Needs and Expectations

2. Make Sure You Have All the Requirements to Do the Job Properly

3. Give Your Clients Regular Updates (Even if They Don’t Ask for Them)

4. Respond Quickly to Customer Messages

5. Meet Your Deadlines

6. Always ask for Feedback to Further Improve Your Services

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