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- Ananaya / Mon, 01 Apr 2019

7 ways for college students to utilize their summers.


College is that fun time in our lives when we can live on our own, make new friends, and try out new things. It takes money for everything, and no doubt college tuition rises every year. The time when all the money we do have goes towards books, parties, tuition, and living expenses. It's often hard to find a decent paying job as you can't get a fulltime gig because you don't have the time for it.

1.    Graphic designer: For highly creative and visual introverts, freelance graphic design could be a great way to make a living. Digital business is rising and its demand is obviously high. It’s simple to get started. Other than acquiring certain software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, startup costs are minimal.

2.    Online retail consignee: Passion for fashion? Or just have way too many clothes you don’t wear and need anymore? Instead of hoarding your unused belongings or trashing them, sell them online. Startup materials? You will need a camera to click their pictures and a computer for uploading or websites. The rest is easy. Do your research, pick a catchy name for your online shop, use quality images and vivid descriptions of what you’re selling and providing the customer online. And once you understand the way of it, you’ll be able to start selling for others too!

3.    Start blogging: Starting a niche blog could be a very rewarding and low-cost business to start while in college. Find something you are passionate about, read about it as much as you can and start writing and creating content. As the traffic grows, you’ll be able to do marketing. Affiliate marketing is necessarily sending referrals or leads to different companies.

4.    Marketing: Make business cards and flyers. Drop flyers at different upscale areas in your town. Carry around flyers with you, and every time you see a fancy car or truck take a flyer and put it under their windshield wiper, it’s the best way of promotion. You'll set up a basic website about your business

6.    Website Design and App Creation: In my opinion, every company should have a website. Yet, you'd be surprised that many don't! Learn how to create websites using WordPress. WordPress is brilliant because then we can do much of the editing once it is set up. Plus, WordPress is a free open source platform

7.  Online tutoring: Creating your own online tutoring business is a great way to explore your intelligence and give help to others.  You can use your academic specialties and teach and guide students who need help. You can communicate with through phone, Skype or email, so for those who thrive in a virtual medium, this career path could be a great option.

You might have a business license, insurance, and some form of a legal entity, it all depends upon the type of business. There might be millions of questions going around, let your parents know about yours if they don’t really agree on your earning, give them a good response to convince.