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Ashish / Thu, 28 Feb 2019

13 reasons why ? A co-working space is better than maintaining an individual office.


1. Premium office location at affordable prices

Who does not dream of having an office space around some of the premium locations in the city. But with the increasing prices, it is becoming extremely difficult to occupy your dream company setup.

In the shared economy where millennials want to share everything and anything from cabs to Netflix account. Sharing office space with like minded people gives you an edge at an affordable cost.

A coworking space gives you the opportunity to pay what you use.

2. No security deposits

No surprise, getting started in a traditional commercial office setting can take away at least 6 times of your monthly rent as a security deposit that too without interest.

For a startup, that fund can be utilized to gear up the operations and can better be utilized to enhance the product or team.

A lot of such co working space go by zero to a very minimal security deposit.

3. Convenient Location

Are you ready to spend 4 hours daily commuting to work ?

Commuting for work is challenging , you should rather be spending your productive time on some things which payback. It could be a gym or yoga class or learning a new language or a beer.

Most of such spaces are located in a convenient location and most of them are walking distance from metro stations.

Make sure you choose a co working space which accessible from a metro station or at least convenient to drive.

4. No notice period

We all know startups are unpredictable and having said that a notice period binds you with terms. How about plug and play ?

You hear it right, you require no notice period when you plan to leave these co working spaces.

5. No utility bill

In India, summer hits bad and so are the AC bills.

You do not pay utility bills when using a co working space.

6. Handful of amenities

Any workspace is as good as the number of amenities it comes with.

Usually, co working spaces provide unlimited caffeine, snacks and of course drinking water.

Some of them even treat you with occasional free lunches and complimentary beers.

7. Network opportunities

If you are a startup or a freelancer or a consultant , you gotta market yourself.

Working in a co working space gives you an opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse background and hence provide you an opportunity to network with your potential clients.

You get more business with diversity.

8. Learning / Meet up events at your disposal

With this constantly changing world, ability to relearn is the new millennial skill.

Co working spaces organize regular meet ups and events which not only connect you with fellow entrepreneurs but also help you to learn from domain experts and learn market trends.

9. Comfortable environment

When I used to go to a traditional office , I always wished if I can break out and sit like a boss in a cafe.

Not all but many co working spaces have “Chilling zone” with books, X box and pretty much everything to escape those 30 minutes and rejuvenate you for a productive day.

10. Friendly Community

Sitting at home and completing your work assignments can turn out to be monotonous and of course, can make you a zombie thriving for a social touch.

Co working places are great at maintaining a friendly community where you can escape from your work , talk to fellow members and always have someone to smile at you. So you travel to work place which you do not want to escape.

11. Expansion friendly

Who does not want their business to grow ?

But expansion has pain. One such thing is acquiring a bigger office.

Since co working space work on a “Plug and play ” model , with the growing team all you need to do is sign up for a new seat.

12. Diverse membership options to choose

Why pay for a full month when all you need to have an office for few hours in a day or for few days in a week.

There are several flexible seating options to choose from.

13. Bringing in your client

Alright, you are working from home or coffee shop and a client wanted to visit you. Well, a lot of freelancers get turned down when they have no physical location.

How about luxury of having a full fledged meeting room with complimentary coffee.

Impress your clients and win contracts!

We are GoWorkIn, we are a boutique coworking space and we are located at a premium location in Green Park, South Delhi. We are just 3 mins walk from green park metro station and we offer several flexible seating options to meet your needs. GoWorkIn is offering an introductory 10% discount on bookings before 10th April,2019.

GoWorkIn - A Coworking Space
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